On 9/11 and the Iraq war

I know how most of the U.S. feels. 9/11 was a horrible tragedy. I agree. It was a needless loss of life and dealt a great blow to the collective psyche of our citizens. BUT... We deserved it. I'm actually surprised nothing like this happened sooner. Oh wait!! 1993, when the WTC was bombed, but surely that was a completely unrelated incident. 50 years of our foreign policy has brought this upon us. We put ourselves on a pedestal of our own making and our hubris left us vulnerable. We have totally devastated the entire continent of Africa, exploiting its people and resources for our benefit. We have invaded, expedited regime changes, exploited the peoples and lands, and turned our backs on hundreds of countries in the world. Are we so arrogant to think that we could do this without fear of retribution? We are the bullies of the world. We have made our bed and now we must lie in it or face the consequences.

I would pose to you this question: Do you really think the people of the Middle East hate freedom? Of course not. The attacks on the WTC and the pentagon were supposed to be a message to the U.S., a wake up call if you will. These people are saying, "you've had your way with us long enough, we're going to hurt you back." I don't blame them. We are the tyrant that is choking the life out of the world. Not only the people, but the planet as well. But that's a different post.

Now, the Iraq war. What a dumb idea this was. Bush has said that Dems are backtracking, saying that they wouldn't have given the go ahead if the info had been correct. The trouble with that statement is that the Senate resolution that gave Bush the authority to attack Iraq was passed in 2001 (a year and a half before the war began). The language stating that the Senate authorizes the use of force in combating anyone harboring terrorists was passed October 28, 2001. Not even two months after 9/11. Secrecy has been THE word for this administration. The death tolls are mounting. Over 2,200 dead U.S. soldiers, and we're not done yet. "Mission Accomplished"? Yeah right. 2,200, that's only 1/5 of the soldiers dead as compared to the same point on the timeline as Vietnam, congrats us. But we're constantly breeding new hatreds. The divisive language used by Bush right after 9/11 might as well have been the first shot. He wasted no time calling Iraq, Iran and North Korea an "axis of evil". How do you think they felt? How do you feel when an Arab leader calls us "infidels" or "white devils"? Iranians, whom had just elected a moderate leader, took to the streets in protest. The next election brought about a very anti-American government for Iran. But, I suppose we have to finish what we started. We need to train the Iraqi troops and make sure the systems are in place to avoid a civil war. We cannot allow those people to end up with another Saddam.

I feel sorry for those soldiers in our military who are in, have been or are going to Iraq to fight a war we didn't need. Those troops put their trust in Uncle Sam to keep them from dying needlessly, and he failed them. I do have this to say about those dying in Iraq, I'm sorry. I hope that thousands of future generations learn from you and the lives you have given. Don't trust your government to look out for you. I'm not going. I'm not going to. I'm not in the military, because I figured something like this would happen. Most of you over there couldn't have known. I support our men an women over there, but I'm angry that you have to be there in the first place. The recruiters lie. They make offers they can't deliver on, and after you have signed away your life, you are powerless to do anything else. A friend of mine, who was in the Marine Corps figured out that he was making about $0.15 a hour. You have a salary, and your job is 24-7. Your life is no longer yours. I have the luxury of sitting here and writing this because of the country I live in. We haven't fought a war to protect our freedom in decades, but still I'm free. Our wars are political power grabs or economic windfalls. I'm angry. This war is a needless sacrifice. The "sacrifice of our troops" is not the lives they've given voluntarily, but for the commands issued them by their commander-in-chief. Yes, I have the distinct feeling we went to war so that Bush could have another term, and his friends could get rich from it.

But I don't blame George W. He's not the worst of them. I think Bush is a figure head. He is the sacrificial lamb of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and others. He's not bright enough to do this on his own. But, there had to be someone electable. I can almost see the strings, and Cheney, with his toothy grin, pulling them.

I would like to take a moment to talk about heroes. There are heroes that are still alive. Dying doesn't have to happen to make you a hero. We only hear about those who have given their lives as heroes, we need to hear more about those who have done their tour and come home. I guarantee that a lot of those folks deserve more attention than they've had. I disagree with this war. I think that those who join the military need to be warned about the potential for war in an increasingly bellicose nation. The U.S. is going to war more frequently than ever, and for very little reason.

2,415 coalition dead, 3,941 Iraqi police and military dead. approx. 30,000 Iraqi civilian deaths (men, women and children). Bush and his cronies can talk about the fact that maybe the intelligence was wrong. Oops. 36,329 people are DEAD. Oops. "Well, uh, maybe our intelligence was wrong, but we weren't." That's about 12,000 people dead per year. I wish I could be forgiven for that sort of mistake.


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