A lesson for history

I think that in order for our students in our schools to truly understand history we have to redefine how we teach history. Current methodology is to teach from a geographic perspective. This method, however, doesn't give the student much of a view into how the policies or actions of one country effects others. I think that we need to begin to teach in eras or time periods. For example, we need to understand that when the Spanish were conquering the Americas and trying to convert the natives, the Inquisition was going on in Europe. The Spanish inquisition meant that any who did not accept Christ were to be punished or tortured until they agreed that Jesus was the savior. This doesn't excuse their behavior, but might give some insight as to why these invaders acted the way they did. Also in Europe was the time of the Protestant Reformation. This eventually led many to find a way to escape to the "New World" and gave us the colonies of Massachusetts and eventually Connecticut, Rhode Island and others. I believe that if we began to teach in this way, our children would see the value of history. Maybe this method, too, would spark more interest as students see how our global community works together, or against, each other.

Maybe in this way we can hope to avoid intolerance and indifference, and help our nations to work together in a more progressive way.


Blogger Ross said...

True. It blows my mind that TJ and Napoleon were contemporaries. I don't think I knew that until recently. So yeah true to what you say.

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