Report Card Time

The semester has ended and I'm taking the summer off. I've taken 14 credits this semester and here's how I've done.

American Literature - A
Health and First Aid - A
Spanish II - B
Geology 105 - B

Not too shabby for working full time too, If I do say so myself. Even though I struggled a little this semester and got tired there towards the end, I'm looking forward to my next semester. It's been a while since I finished a whole semester of school and it feels good. Thank you Robin for inspiring me and believing in me to get me this far. I'm going to need your support in the future, too.


Anonymous MaxPower said...

Congrats dude, you rock!

9:27 AM  
Blogger Robinitaface said...

No problem, Baby. You know I'm here for you! Awesome job!!! I'm proud of you.

6:57 PM  
Blogger BEH said...

Way to go, dude! If I were giving you an allowance, I'd double it.

1:11 AM  

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