Follow the Lady

Almost every year is an election year for one office or another, but every two years are the biggest. There's always a House Seat up for grabs, a Senate seat every few years, and of course, the Presidential elections are a huge ordeal. But here's my question: Can a person with copious education, generally more than his or her constituents, and great affluence reflect the desires of the masses. Every election I see the same faces, especially at the Federal level. Generally speaking, these are rich white men. While it is true that I am a white male, my views put me at odds with most of those in my race and gender demographic. "I am a man of means by no means" is absolutely the case. So while I vote with the hope that every candidate I vote for has my and my district's best interest in mind, how do they know what I struggle with on a day to day basis? Our candidates in this upcoming Senate election make tons of money. Jim Webb made somewhere around 14 mil last year. Senator Allen is worth about 2.5 million in assets and holdings.

Lets face facts. The only people that can afford to take enough time off of work to campaign and actually run for election are the elites. Those in power will always stay at the top. This is the way the system works, and the rest of us schmoes are left down here trying to scratch a living from the crumbs they decide to hand down to us. We fight amongst ourselves with topics like gay marriage and flag burning, when if you decide to let these ideas go they really have
ABSOLUETLY NO BEARING ON OUR LIVES. This is a game of Three Card Monte, follow the lady. Pay no attention to the slight of hand here. We all play even though we know we're going to lose.

The U.S. has to maintain a war time state in order for the rich to really mop up. Who's read 1984? An enemy must be maintained in order to reduce freedoms and increase profits. And the Bush administration has done a wonderful turn for the elite by finding an enemy that will never be defeated. This war on terror is self perpetuating. With every enemy killed another is trained to take his place. Beautiful plan.

"They no longer represent us, so is it not our obligation to confront this tyranny?" Or should we just keep our eye on the lady?


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