Your Eyes May Deceive You

I was at work this evening when a couple came in. The woman was rather petite, meaning bean-pole-esque and the gentleman was rather heavyset. I watched them sit down, waiting for my cue to make the trip to the table to greet them. The man, after much huffing and puffing, manages to squeeeeeze himself into the booth. To whit he says to the woman, "is there more space over there, I think there is".

"I don't know that there is," she replies. But they switch places anyway. Fair enough. I watch as said gentleman squeezes himself into the other side of the booth, as there is no more room on this side than there was on the other.

"You see, spatially it seemed that your companion had more room, but the truth is, she's just skinnier. Sorry, you're fat," I thought, then sauntered my way over to sell this man a meal that I knew he would eat all of, but not really need. They tipped me well, and I felt bad, not for the obviously cruel thought that went through my mind, but for the man himself.

I struggle with my own weight, I like to eat, and consequently have a little extra around the middle. I know he doesn't like being fat, but he's powerless to stop himself. It's a horrible cycle that I myself have to mentally prepare myself for everyday of my life, and sometimes that demand is staggering. An alcoholic can be successful if he never drinks again, but imagine how he'd do if he had to drink everyday. This is what food-aholics have to do. Fat is very addictive as a substance, and our bodies naturally crave it, right from birth. So I'm trying. I'm riding my bike to work starting this coming Wednesday, and if all goes well, I'll continue to do so. I went on a 36 mile ride last week, and I hope to go again this week. I know what choices to make, it's just actually doing it that's hard. I know that I like to make fun of fat people, 'cause it's funny, but I make fun of everyone. This is one thing you can help, it is possible to not be fat anymore, and liposuction and gastric bypass are not the ways to better, healthier living. You have to change you.

I don't know if it'll help anyone, but there's other folks out there that know how you feel. It doesn't help everyone, but maybe it can help someone.


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