Bikes are Fun

So, I got a new bike a couple of weeks ago. I got a fantastic bike for a great price. This guy that I wait on has a wonderful hobby of getting donated bikes or a least paying very little for them and fixing them up. When he has a few, he sells them. Since he only works on kids, mountain and BMX bikes, he has a friend that works with him and sells road bikes. Generally their selection is a little outdated, but they've got some great brand name stuff. Giant, Trek, Schwinn, Raleigh, Bridgestone, and I got a great deal on a 20 year old Shogun.

So I spent some dough and some time getting it tweaked. I got a new, very comfy seat, toe straps for the clips, and then new tubes and tires. This bike is already equipped with quick releases on the front and rear, with the cool brakes that click into position which allow one to easily remove the wheels. With this in mind, I bought a Kryptonite Cable long enough to go through both wheels, the frame and around a telephone pole. I had to play with the derailleurs as the front one was out of adjustment, but overall little had to be done. I love my new bike and I ride it all the time. Thanks bike dorks, now I'm one too.


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