I'm Moving to Brooklyn and Opening a Bike Shop

Things in NYC really are different from those in the RVA. I've spent hours walking through the LES and parts of Brooklyn, not to mention all those shops in Astoria and LIC, countless hours on the train to and from those places, plus lots of time looking on-line for places that might sell me some damn cheap used bicycle parts (a la Re-Cycles). Even the places that offer used bikes don't offer used parts. I can buy a used bike, but all parts are sold new, and not very cheap. Every bike shop I've been to has told me the same thing; "used parts?! I don't know anybody that does that", all the while looking at me as if I've uncannily sprouted an additional appendage. Even this place was of no use in my quest for parts, and I've arrived at the conclusion that I need someone from Richmond to show these guys how it's done. I do believe Richmond Re-Cycles has the plan, and I think that would go over really well here. So, who wants to open a bike shop with me? Can't promise lots of loot, but it'll be fun and probably pretty ridiculous.


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