What Happens When I Can't Sleep

me: Who was the voice of Wakko (from the Animaniacs)? Was it Ringo? I think he kinda sounds like Ringo (Starr). (Apparently the voice and personality of Wakko was loosely based on Ringo.)

wife: I doubt it was Ringo 'cause they probably didn't want to pay what Ringo would've asked.

me: Did you know that both Ringo and George Carlin played Mr. Conductor on Thomas the Tank Engine? But I think that was on PBS, so they probably did it for free or something. You know, for charity, or for the kids, or whatever.

I understand, primary, secondary, tertiary, quaternary, quinary, but what's next?

wife: *sigh*

me: sextary? hextary? (I'm still not sure.) Also, if you've got the word ordinary, can something else be considered cardinary? Or is ordinary derived from a different root word than ordinal? (According to Dictionary.com they are both derived from the original Latin stem ordo, meaning order. Anyhow, I guess the etymology differs a little.)

sorry, baby, good night.

wife: good night.

*sigh* i love you.

me: i love you, too.


Blogger Robinitaface said...

from "hextary" onward, I was actually sleeping. nothing against topic of conversation, just drugs.


12:30 PM  
Blogger BEH said...

Senary. This was the best resource I could find.

Oh, yeah, and I believe Jess Harnell was the voice of Wakko.

4:44 PM  
Blogger Platypus Rex said...

you are correct about Wakko, brother. (i linked to that wikipedia article, I actually managed to find that one) But thank you for the link to positional numeral systems. Septemvigesimal sounds so dirty.

12:52 AM  

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