Right Wingers Should Embrace Bilingualism

As long as CEO's and middle managers still speak English, the jobs Americans want are safe. Try explaining to a dishwasher, who speaks very little English, why it's important that he learn to speak English. I told one such individual that if he were to learn to speak English well, he could get a job earning $20 an hour or more! His jaw subsequently hit the floor. Then I told him if he learned English it'd be easier for him to get "good" papers, and perhaps even bring his family over. And, free ESL classes abound, but you can pay to have classes that will fit your schedule.

All I'm saying is this; if you continue to cater to Spanish speakers by writing signs and documents, etc., in both English and Spanish, a whole generation of people will remain locked in their working class positions. Talk about job security! You can't very well manage any sort of logistics in the US without speaking English. That means that pretty much anything past unskilled labor is pretty much out of the question. So if you're worried that Spanish speakers are coming for your middle income job, stand up for bilingualism, and make sure Spanish speakers never advance past your lazy, white ass.


Blogger RimaJoy said...

what an interesting perspective. now i have something to mull over. i hope life is rocking in queens, congrats on finding work already. love to you and robin-

2:40 PM  
Blogger RimaJoy said...

is it true pbr gives you heartburn? any idea why?

getting settled is always a challenge. i tend to give it at least a year before i expect to find people to really enjoy being around/ new activities that rock the new hiz-ouse. of course, with your location and robin's occupation i bet it will take you far less time. trav and i have been here just over a year now and we have one couple that is kewl and i made a girlfriend too. so far, so good.

10:55 AM  

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