Prepare To Get Your Historically Inaccurate Panties Twisted

It's fiction. It's always been listed as fiction. Not the publisher, not the author, no one genuinely connected with it has in any way, shape or form ever suggested that it was true. I've seen The DaVinci Code week on the History Channel. I know. Even they have said "Okay, it's fiction, here's why." I don't care anymore. It's a book. If you want to read a fun book about the coming of the Anti-Christ, check out Good Omens. It's funny.

But if you are the same sort of idiot who has determined that Heavy Metal would jeopardize your soul and D&D makes kids kill people, do me a favor, go get sterilized right now, we don't need anymore of you. You are the same person who freaked out during "The Passion" frenzy and have surrounded my roommate in a prayer circle when he was just trying to go to work. Oh yeah, speaking of work, a tract is not a tip. In fact, it makes me want to go to church even less than I already do. My treasure could very well be in heaven, but that doesn't keep the lights on. So please, keep your white trash, xenophobic, war mongering, gun totin', gay bashing ideas to yourself.

By the way, to all of you without a sense of humor: the pentagram on the front door was not intended to display any genuine religious belief or alignment. I would greatly appreciate if you didn't write "Jesus Lives" on my front door. I don't write "In Mexico" on yours.


Anonymous MaxPower said...

One time one of my friends was handed a tract that said if you listen to punk rock you will go to hell. Ha! What an amazing tract to be handing out in downtown Richmond of all places.

Anyway life is crazy. I heard there were people out protesting the movie @ Short Pump?

8:59 AM  
Blogger Robinitaface said...

I love you.

10:34 AM  

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