Sorry Brother

I feel sorry for Bryan, my future brother-in-law, not for any fault in him. It seems that whenever he and I have time to hang out together, I end up talking at him for a good amount of time. Generally speaking, I end up talking about stupid stuff I've done while drunk, or how much partying I used to do. I don't know why, and I usually hate that guy, the "I used to party so hard, man, you shouldda seen it" guy. But for whatever reason, I become that guy when I'm hanging out with him.

But, thank you, brother, for putting up with my stupid ass drunk stories and I'll try to contain them from now on. Hopefully, in the future we'll have our own stupid stories to talk about in the future. In fact, I'm sure we will if we go on that vacation next year.

I don't know how it happens, we were just talking about our mothers and how we handle them, and some other family stuff. Maybe I secretly long for the days when I was irresponsible, or maybe I really like Bryan and want him to think I'm cool, or maybe I want him to understand how I used to be, so that I can convince him I really am right for his sister, and how much I have changed in order to be more mature for myself and my relationship. Maybe I want my new family to really understand who I am and some of the things I've gone through, so that they'll become my family for real, both in name and in practice. I've never really had that close knit family, so I think I'm just catching him up to speed, to give more insight into my own mentality and mindset, preparing the way for a real family dynamic. I look forward to it everyday.

I have to again thank Bryan, for being the first to make me feel really welcomed into the Harris (et al.) family. Every time I see him, it feels the same. Sometimes the bonds of brotherhood are easily forged.


Anonymous MaxPower said...

Do we call it the "Williams" family? I feel like we do?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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