What Punk Rock Has Done For Me

1. 2 black eyes (1 pictured above)
2. afraid of cops
3. a pretty good tolerance for drugs and alcohol
4. 1 broken bone
5. a collection of black t-shirts (most of which are offensive)
6. been bloodied numerous times
7. lost myself
8. had my car towed numerous times
9. 1 riot
10. come home to a house full of squatters
11. awakened in ditch, to "you can't sleep here"
12. flunked out of college
13. made the daily choice to afford either beer or food (chose beer)
14. addicted to cigarettes
15. learned valuable skills such as shoplifting, lock-picking, and avoiding cops

16. met some of the best, most kind hearted people ever
17. decided that had I finished school on time I would have hated myself
18. learned that the best moral compass is from within
19. gained an interest in how to make the world a better place
20. hate money, don't care how much I have
21. become very intolerant of intolerance
22. gained a set of principals through which I view the world
23. found a sense of community and belonging
24. gained a wife
25. came to know myself and, as such, am the person I am today


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