The Right to be Governed

Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness are guaranteed all men, subject only to the qualification of having been born. Of these three, Liberty is the most precious, and must be guarded above the others, for without it happiness cannot be found, and that other right, life, therefore, has been restricted. One must assume that any government that would seek to end run liberty and justify this by promising happiness and life is a tyrannical one, and as such, we the people have, not only a right, but a duty, to protect our liberty even at the expense of our lives. How does a nation of people cry out for the liberties of others without first securing its own? America has lost its way and our new King surmises to find it for us. Our happiness, having been bought by our own wealth, guarantees that our government can feel free to exile liberty and extinguish life and with it happiness and secure for themselves those things we all hold dear. Proudhon has said many things about being governed, about which I cannot agree. Man cannot stand together without an idea of brotherhood, fostered by the notion that is only forged in the bonds of nationality. But to be ruled is another matter entirely. We are spied upon, incarcerated, marginalized, disenfranchised, and our minds preyed upon by the constant barrage of messages and values that we neither created nor approved. Our government assumes authority and reacts audaciously when questioned. The same as a child, when caught in a delinquent act, at first lies about and then denies the act, and only when he sees no other means of escape, tells the truth in an attempt to redeem himself.

It seems to me implausible, if not impossible, for a man in our state to be represented by a man of his own class, unless he is of the upper class already. The economic condition of these United States is such that a man of lower economic standing has no time for the business of state. Were he to involve himself in the political arena his family would suffer from want and thus not only his own liberty but even his very life is at stake. One has no other choice then, than to elect from a pool of delegates whose chief concern is the protection of themselves and their property, not the rights of the whole. This serves to reinforce established class ranks and divide the nation on the basis of wealth and, too often, color as well. It seems to me that every perfidious act, that every treacherous exploit against the citizens of the middling and lower classes has been either perpetrated or inspired by our ruling class in a deliberate attempt to divide and allow the perpetuation of this system.

Even the definition of rule and govern differ in the tone of their implications. Rule is defined as governing power, whereas, govern is to make and administer public policy. The U.S. is a republic, and as such, the representatives are responsible to the citizens. In order to preserve the liberty of the people, one must ensure we are governed, not ruled. To pronounce others unpatriotic because they do not blindly follow a leader is subversion at its worst. Free thought and free flow of information and ideas must be maintained, regardless of the cost, to ensure other liberties are retained as well. When a republic loses its right to speak freely and seeks to suppress dissidence, it is akin to depriving a man his right to oxygen. Those representatives who allow this to happen, or even worse encourage it, no longer has the right to govern, as they have become rulers themselves.

It is my hope, that these things having been said, will percolate in the minds of my fellows, and those who have been asleep, ignoring their surroundings, will awake themselves to the offenses of our current situation. And as such, these now awakened, will be motivated to do some good, and reclaim our liberties to once again have the happiness and life we are all due. Separately our voices of dissent are easy to drown out, together, a cacophony that can destroy the bonds that restrict our freedoms.


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