Pre-emptive Strike

I have to make a post in defense of Sriracha. Yes, the Chilli (that's how it's spelled on the bottle) sauce that you find at all the restaurants in the fan, has made its arrival at the home of my fiancee. She hates when I eat it. Apparently it doesn't smell very good to her, but it tastes awesome. So, before I read something by her detracting from this delicious condiment, I am going to tell all of you how wonderful it is. It adds a wonderful spicy kick while still maintaining a unique and delectable flavor. I put it on everything: sandwiches, eggs, tater tots, pretty much anytime you'd use ketchup, salsa, or tabasco, I use sriracha. It's so great and a whole 28 ounces is only $3 at Tan-A Supermarket!! Go get some.


Anonymous MaxPower said...

My wife, your fiances sister, also hates the smell.

But it tastes soooo good.

10:43 AM  

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