"I think I need lessons"

This was an actual quote heard, by me, on the tennis court today. It's not such an unusual thing, except that we were in tennis class. Yes, I'm taking tennis. It seems that J. Sargeant Reynolds is one of those places that still requires physical education credits, so I decided that tennis was a better idea than say, salt water fishing or golf. The class is, of course, made up of those who really know how to play, those, like myself, who have a basic understanding, and those who have never before seen a tennis ball, much less a court, net or racket.

Day 1. "We meet at the tennis courts on Wednesday, sign the roll, see you then."

Day 2. Learning each other's names. Being told that, "yes, you really do need to buy the book."
Run laps until someone starts singing. "I don't care what it is just sing."
Begin work on forehand swing. "Never show up the instructor." (to Peter)
Leave 40 min early.

I'm glad I've spent so much money on this class.


Blogger RimaJoy said...

i myself took saltwater fishing...

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