Getting Married Is A Pain In My ASS.

I have one caterer that apparently refuses to call me back and another that won't even send me a menu, not to mention those I can't even get a hold of. The cake bakeries are always closed and the photographer we wanted isn't available. We had to move the time from 2 to Noon just so we could have the officiant we wanted. I had to choose a BEST man!?! They're all like family to me. How could I choose? But I did.

But despite all this I love Robin so much that I'm perfectly willing to put up with all these aggravations if it means I can be her husband. I imagine there are going to be many more headaches before all this is through, I just can't wait 'til October 21.


Blogger BEH said...

Just remember, O BIL2B, that there is a vast chasm betwixt "getting married" and a "wedding." The former is a fantastic and terrifying experience that I think you will find you wouldn't trade for all the Sudoku in Japan; the latter is much like beating one's head against a brick wall, without the blessed relief of eventual unconsciousness.

Call if you need to vent

P.S. BIL2B = brother-in-law to be

5:24 PM  
Blogger Queen of the Jencentric Universe said...

I often think that, culturally, our society created wedding planning as the first true test of marriage. Think of it like a "survival of the fittest" thing ... if you can plan the weddding, the rest is a breeze! ;-)

1:26 PM  
Blogger Platypus Rex said...

thanks for your support. i suppose "wedding planning is a pain in my ass" would've been a better title, but I thought that's what I meant, obviously to both you (Bryan) and Robin it read differently. anyhow, it'll be fine. We've almost got the big stuff out of the way, so the majority of the big headaches are done. Now we just get to the little details. (oh god!)

11:55 AM  
Blogger Shaula Evans said...

For most people, a wedding makes you morph into a full-time event planner.

In our case, I was ill and possibly dying when we got married. (As you've noticed, I pulled through, but that wasn't a given at the time.)

We got married by a Marriage Commissioner in a Bed and Breakfast in Vancouver, at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. We had two witnesses stand up with us (required), and one was engaged so he brought his fiance. I wore a red silk chinese dress that I bought in a regular clothing store. We took our wedding party (all 5 of us!) out for dinner at an amazing Afghan restaurant, and then out for bubble tea, before the actual wedding. My best friend / maid of honour gave us a cake from my favourite restaurant (the Naam). The owner of the Bed and Breakfast gave us a bottle of champagne for the guests.

I had *fun* at my own wedding. So did my husband. And "putting it together" wasn't a stress. We're just about the only couple I know who can say that.

I'm not trying to say you need a small wedding or a wedding like ours -- just that I hope you make it the wedding that both of you want, and that you enjoy both the process and the event as much as we did.

Best wishes on it!

4:02 AM  

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