I Hate My Job

That's it. Really. That's what it boils down to. Chief complaint: Being good at your job and a lack of whining warrants fewer perks, higher expectations, fewer praises and more severe punishments. A.K.A. soul leaching emptiness brought to you by Famous Dave's. Thanks faceless corporate entity! But really, our clientele sucks, our management team has a combined experience level of a 14 year old virgin and can't communicate what materials with which we need to work, much less any other need that may arise from successfully running a business. I go to work everyday and stare into the blank eyes of my coworkers and sigh. Some of those faces once had the glow of vitality and maybe even happiness. No longer. Hollow expressions lie beneath the smiling facade of those who have wandered into Dave's seeking employment. Suckers! Those who can leave should do so now! Oh, how I long for the days of fewer expenditures! Soon they will come again! 10 months, I pay off my car. 13 months, no more student loan bills. Soon...yes...very soon I can leave...

I can't fucking wait.


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